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Real estate Photography

Real estate photography Example-Living room of a house with sofas

Selling or renting out a property can be a tricky task specifically in high competitive markets however, professional real estate photography can promote your house and help you out to reach more people, whether it is for low to medium priced or for high range properties. Our real estate photographers are based in Melbourne and we are here to cover every suburbs for your real estate photography . We use several photography techniques depending on the property interior and exterior such as twilight photography. Then we combine them with marketing techniques to target each potential buyers and renters. In order to do so we create characteristics based on your property and target our images accordingly. We believe people choose their favourite house based on their characteristic so a person who is interested in an apartment with a great view have quite different characteristic and social context as a person who is interested in town houses and villas. We believe that we are the first agency in Australia that introduced and implemented this technique in real estate photography and the results have been impressive for us. For further enquiries or to book a real estate photographer please contact us.

Photo Editing

We retouch and edit our images just to capture every light however, unfortunately, We can not remove houses, holes or construction sites. We also do not change the colours of walls, doors and cabinets as any of the above mentioned editing is against the consumer policy in Australia.


Preparation is an important factor in real estate photography. Our photographers might remove, replace or change small items in order to decorate their shots however, this is only limited to small items such as cups for a kitchen shot. We recommend you to stage your house before your appointment in order to get the most out of your property. Zedd, only photographs your property as is, because we believe, we have to be a specialist in order to offer certain services, however we are here to give you tips for preparing and staging your house. In general the more empty spaces appear in photo will result in your house appear to be larger. Therefore we encourage our clients to have more open space in every part of their property. Warm colours also play an import part in overall look and feel. We believe incorporating warm colours in photos will result in the property to appear warmer and friendlier to the viewer.


Cancellations by clients must be 24 hours prior to the appointment. Zedd also might cancel an appointment due to weather conditions for exterior shots. In such scenarios, we will continue with your interior shots as we understand that you might staged your property by a professional, however we arrange a second appointment on a better day to shoot your exterior. For more information in regards to real estate photography cancellation policy please visit our Terms & Conditions.

Real Estate Photography Prices

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