test Professional Commercial Photography in Melbourne, Australia

Commercial Photography



Zedd also photograph commercial properties based on your needs, whether it is for leasing, selling, architectural or commercial purposes such as staff shots. We use the same unique approach to every commercial and architectural photography projects. Based on your target we identify our target audience and use the gathered information in every aspect of our commercial photography. We believe based on the information we gathered from each projects such as the number of visits an image received, we are able to target your targeted audiences in a way that never done before. We provide you with two versions of each photo, Web version and Full version. The web version can be used for any online purposes, where there are certain limitations on size of the images.  The full version can be used in print media such as catalogues, brochures and banners.  For further enquiries or to book a commercial photographer in Melbourne, contact us.



Zedd also edit and retouch your photos to get the best out of them however, this is only limited to minor changes in lights. Unfortunately we cannot remove holes, houses or construction sites and change wall and doors colours. Also we cannot remove logos or any other associated brandings in your images as any of the above mention retouching is against the policies in Australia.



Zedd commercial photographers make small changes for their photo shoots, in order to reflect the best of you however, this is only limited to small items such as magazines in reception shots. We recommend you to hire professional stagers if your property requires having one.



Any cancellation by clients must be 24 hours prior to the appointment. Occasionally, we cancel appointments due to weather conditions however, in such scenarios, we will shoot your interiors and reschedule your exterior shots. For further information on our policies including copyright policies please visit our Terms & Conditions.



For full lists of prices and offers please visit our prices.