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What we do

Zedd is a professional real estate photography agency based in Melbourne. We represent your property and your client's property in form of images. The photographs assist you in boosting up participants in your property inspections and also targeting and finding the right buyers and tenants. Over the years, it has been proven that professional photography can increase the chances of success when it comes to promoting, specifically in high competent markets where the market is not on your side. At Zedd, we are here to implement this in a way that best suits your property. 
Each property comes with hidden potentials which can only be unleashed by professionals in the business. Real estate photographers can identify and unlock your property's potentials through professional photography. We capture every details of your interior and exterior to reflect the best of you. At Zedd, we photograph residential and commercial properties which, then the images can be use for numerous proposes including representing in online listings as well as in printed brochures and catalogues. To book a photographer in Melbourne simply request a booking now.


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Why Us


Zedd approaches are quite unique and different when it gets to real estate photography. We are not only using the best and the latest techniques in order to capture every lights in your property and give an overall great warm feeling but we combine them with our marketing technique. We create a potential buyers and tenants personality based on properties.  We then choose our camera settings, feeling of the property and the colours based on specific personalities and combine them with previously collected information in our database such as the number of visits an image received in online listings and analyse the information to use them in your project. So we believe based on the information we gather we exactly know what your potential buyers or tenants would love to see. Zedd is the first professional real estate photography agency that uses marketing techniques and technologies to promote your property.  For further enquiries or to book a Zedd photographer in Melbourne please contact us.